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April 30, 2012
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Karkat: Begin a new memo. by manga-kat Karkat: Begin a new memo. by manga-kat

For her birthday, ~MajorItachiFan96 requested something with Karkat and Gamzee, so this is what I came up with =D.

Happy Birthday :party:!!

HoNk (o: !

P.S.: Please pretend that the monitor actually looks like a monitor, and that the keyboard has keys, and that Karkat threw the mouse at Gamzee the last time he did this, and that's why it is currently unaccounted for :bucktooth:.

Homestuck belongs to :iconandrewhussieplz:.
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Hatsumiyo-momichi Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SO CUTE!!!! I LOVE THEM TOGETHER :iconpaleplz:
manga-kat Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
Thank you =D!! Sometimes I wish that Homestuck could've spent a little more time developing the trolls with small interactions like this before plunging into the rest of the plot :hmm:. I mean I know that probably would've been impractical from a writing standpoint, but I would've found it interesting ^^;.
Hatsumiyo-momichi Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i know right! i wish we could have seen more of them. Like, what their relationships are like, what they eat, etc etc, i mean EVERYTHING!It would have been so awesome.
He should totally make a comic of ONLY the trolls. i would rape it >U> <3

... but we still have the fanficions xD
manga-kat Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
Yeah, part of me thinks that Hussie left it kind of vague specifically so the fans would be able to fill in the gaps with their own creativity... 'cuz, y'know, outlets for creativity are what typically grow a fandom (well played Hussie... well played :paranoid:). At the same time, I kind of wish he'd put out a facts and trivia guidebook for the trolls specifically, or Homestuck in general, or both :oops:. I'm sure plenty of people would snap that up in a heartbeat :nod:.

Also, I personally thought that certain trolls like Nepeta and Equius could've used more screen time before they were brutally slain... I'm a Leo, and I kind of felt like we didn't know Nepeta as well as we could've while she was around :unimpressed:. Still, I know some sacrifices probably had to be made for the sake of keeping Homestuck a little less daunting than it already is to casual readers... and the story isn't over yet ^^;! I'm still hoping that Hussie will use some of the characters that we haven't seen for a while that are currently milling about in dream bubbles and such :plotting:.
Hatsumiyo-momichi Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yes haha well played HUSSIE!!!! </3

if he would start selling Troll facts/trivia books... well... a lot of people I know would by them by dozens xDD
why wouldnt he do it? he would become so rich xDD lol

and yes, i totes agree :U
Poor nepeta, she was so awesome with her ships and all, it was so sad we sad so little of her u.u
Im a Taurus, and I WOULD HAVE LOVED to have seen more interactions of tav and gamzee :iconhurrplz: hehe <3
but... the only thing left now is to hope for the best!! those characters are so damn well made, he canīt just waste them like that! >:l
manga-kat Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
Well, he might come out with a troll culture fact book someday (or at least I'm hoping he will) once everything has calmed down a little ^^;. Right now he's got the last installment of the ancestor introductory mini game thing still on his plate, and it seems like preparing the acts for becoming printed books is kind of an ongoing project :shrug:. Add that to the development of the new Homestuck game and he really has his hands full :-O! I'm so happy for every single bit of that stuff though... the game has accumulated nearly $2,000,000 worth of donations :happycry:. I also hope that the scalemate stuffed toys will someday be available for purchase in the online store. I mean for the time being they were just another reward tier on the Kickstarter escheladder, but this does prove that Hussie has been looking into ways to produce such things :plotting:.

When Nepeta was first introduced, I'll admit that I was a tiny bit disappointed just 'cuz she seemed more kitten-ish than I would've imagined :paranoid:. I always liked being a Leo because the lion is a powerful motif for strength, bravery, and pride, but Nepeta doesn't immediately give off that impression. She did end up fitting that description pretty well in the end though, and I think she's much stronger than most people give her credit for, but she still played a very minor roll :worry:. She didn't even get any special powers like mind control, or communing with animals, or channeling spirits, or psionics... most of the other trolls either got a power or were special because of their blood color in some way :unimpressed:. In a way that just makes her even tougher for going through all the same stuff with little to no advantages. I still wish she hadn't been so understated though ^^;.

Even though Tavros got a pretty big roll in the story, I almost wish that he would've stuck to the sidelines a little more so he wouldn't have gotten the ever loving crap beat out of him all the time :(! Seriously, the kid was getting pushed around practically every time we saw him :no:. I would actually be pretty interested in seeing what Tav could've become if he'd been allowed to develop at a slow and steady pace the way a Page is supposed to... 'cuz apparently that class is all about untapped potential :O_o:.

I swear, the characters in Homestuck are the best :aww:. I never once found myself lamenting the long pesterlogs 'cuz they were always so well executed and fun to read... I wouldn't have it any other way =D. I really can't wait to see more of the kid ancestors :oops:! I want to know more about their personalities, and what they and their descendants think of each other, and how they each relate to the rest of their friends. So far I think my favorites are Meenah (which was unexpected) and Mituna (which was totally expected 'cuz Sollux is awesome in similar ways :nod:).

My favorites from the original twelve trolls are Karkat and Sollux, and when it comes to the human kids, whether we're talking beta or alpha, I swear I will have an aneurism before I can pick favorites :omg:. John was my favorite for a while, then it was a tie between John and Dave, then I was really fond of Jade once she started cracking down on how Trollian's time traveling chat function was being used, but I don't know if she ever beat out John or Dave, and then the alpha kids hit and I just gave up. Dirk is awesome though. I like the way he types... good strong vocabulary, but not even a hint of being snooty the way Rose could be :nod:. Also, Jake is the biggest dork ever and that means that I instantly love him :|. That was one of my favorite things about John... he was such a huge dork :XD:!! I can never resist that.
Hatsumiyo-momichi Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, Huss is definately VERY busy these days. i would be so stressed out if I where him xD but also, very happy with all the support his fans give him ;U;
Im so convinced this is the best fandom. EVER. //and I have been in many :Y //.

Yes, i was disapointed at Nepeta at first too!! O: I thought she was going to be this bloodthristy, awesome feline girl, but she looked more like an abandoned kitteh ;__;
but yes, i agree, I ended up totes loving her, because i really thought there was a lot more to her than what we saw, and her bravery she showed when she saw her moirail dead on the floor was just... so beautiful.

But as far as my patron troll... well, he surprised me greatly. He is the one troll that really "shocked me" when i met him, because he is just EXACTLY LIKE ME and that really scared me ._. it was as if... hussie made it that way. as if he really took a lot of time to copy a Taurusī personality, and ways of being and applied it to his character. Tav really bugs me because of this. I cant stand to see how people use him as a doormat, knowing im seeing myself there (?) LOL xDD

haha my favorite kid is Roxy xD
she is just... so interesting hhehehe (even though John will always be my secret favorite, since i too, LOVE DORKS xD <3)
My favorite troll is ... Gamzee and karkat. I cant choose between these two. karkat is adorable, I just cant suppress my squeekings when I see him. but Gamzeeis my baby ;__;
manga-kat Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Sorry for the late reply... I just had too many interesting thoughts on all of this for my own good :worry:!!

I agree that Homestuck is an amazing fandom =D. I haven't actively been in many fandoms (I think Homestuck is the second one I've ever been confident enough to involve myself with online), but I've seen so much creativity and positive energy in general among Homestuck fans :aww:. The biggest problem I've ever seen Homestuck fans have is bickering about what's canon and what isn't... which is mostly a pretty tame thing to be arguing about if there have to be any arguments at all :shrug:. Otherwise people tend to be really nice to each other, and there always seems to be something good going on at any given time :nod:. I mean I've heard horror stories about other fandoms and some of the people in them... for some reason Homestuck fans seem to piss other people off more than they do each other, and even that is mostly joking I think ^^;.

Exactly! I thought Nepeta had the potential to be so much more... and I guess the kid ancestors have been making me think that being dead doesn't necessarily mean that a character can't play an active roll in the story (especially with this most recent update), so it's giving me hope that some of the characters with untapped potential might end up developing and growing anyway :oops:. I've actually had that mindset ever since we first saw characters die and then reappear in dream bubbles, but at first it was mostly to keep me from being too sad over the fact that they had died in the first place :saddummy:. It was comforting to know that they were still out there somewhere, and that the living could still have a chance of seeing them again someday. I've also enjoyed the concept of dream bubbles ever since we learned that a person's memories and mental images control the environment of the bubbles... 'cuz that has tons of creative potential :-O! I mean one of the things that I thought was wonderful about Homestuck from the very beginning was the Sburb technology that would let you build and edit your house any way you please. Your whole environment would be yours to reconfigure, and you'd be able to do so much with it... but then dream bubbles come along and blow that right out of the water 'cuz then you could be in any location you could imagine... literally :lol:. It'd be like Inception except a zillion times better 'cuz personally, I thought that movie didn't get anywhere near as bizarre as it should've for being set mostly in people's dreams :roll:.

Back to Nepeta though, I think it's interesting how she compares to what we've seen of Meulin so far :hmm:. I mean Meulin seems very very similar to how most people seem to portray Nepeta in their fan works. I think Nepeta's whole shipping thing led a lot of people to assume that her personality was that of the stereotypical fan girl or something, but I think Nepeta acts more like fans on DeviantArt and Meulin acts more like fans on Tumblr. I guess what I'm getting at is that they are different characters, and I'm hoping that it'll make people reevaluate how they see Nepeta :meow:.

Actually, I think a lot of the kid ancestors are providing a similar kind of perspective in relation to their Alternian descendants. Cronus is basically the personification of everything that the fans have built Eridan up to be in the past, Latula is pretty much exactly how Terezi ends up coming off in most of the stuff I've seen other fans do with her, and Porrim is just like all the super elegant Kanaya fan art I've ever seen :paranoid:. It actually makes sense that at first Terezi and Kanaya were a little bummed about their ancestors being all awesome and stuff... their ancestors are basically just what the fans wanted them to be all along (and even what some people thought they were all along :O_o:). I mean it's not as though Kanaya wasn't elegant... but Porrim is downright classy, and Kanaya always read too much into things for her own good, which could sometimes make her awkward (especially when talking to Rose) and I think a lot of fans tend to gloss over that part of Kanaya's personality (which I thought was kind of endearing :oops:). It also seems that (for the few people who don't care much for Terezi) the main reason for not liking her is because they think she's obnoxious, and that's how a lot of people portray her, but in reality I always saw her as being fairly self confident y'know? Marching to her own tune, not worried about what others have to say about her, always sure that she's doing what's right, and having as much fun as she possibly can :nod:. As much as I like Latula's character, it's easy to see how she could become a tad annoying in ways that Terezi wasn't ^^;. Anyway, I just think that there are subtle things about some of the trolls that help define each other's personalities a little more accurately.

Y'know, that's actually pretty cool that Tav's personality turned out like yours, 'cuz I think Hussie tried to make each troll a unique variation of their sign's typical traits. Like how Nepeta showed her strong, proud traits in a subtle way really late in her story, but they were still there :oops:. Tavros always seemed kind of unlike how I'd imagine a Taurus to be 'cuz he didn't seem all that stubborn... in fact he seemed to get dragged into what others were doing whether he liked it or not a whole bunch :worry:. Still, I think he did have a certain level of tenacity when it came to maintaining his more docile personality in spite of all the things he was put through, and that does show some determination :nod:. It's not a really outright way of expressing that characteristic though, and I think a lot of the trolls were really subtle like that. In any case, Tav seems to be getting better at standing his ground and going after what he really wants lately... I think he just took a lot of time to get to that point 'cuz that's kind of his thing :shrug:. Even when he was FLARPing, he chose to be a boy skylark, which was said to be really hard to play as 'cuz it takes forever to build up strength... but then it's really rewarding when everything finally pays off :). So I guess my hope for him is that he'll reach a point where it was all worth it :aww:.

Roxy is really interesting 'cuz she's the most mentioned Void player we've seen yet, and Void is a really interesting power :lol:! I found this Homestuck plot theory blog ==> [link] that does a lot of analysis of classes, and aspects, and what implications those things could have for each character, and there was one theory that made a really compelling case for the idea that Rose was emulating a Hero of Void by resisting her aspect to the point of inversion during the beta kids' Sburb session :-O! It made me love the Void aspect a lot, and there was a lot of stuff on Eridan and his roll in the story as well... plus everything about Mituna, Sollux, and Doom is just to die for... I'm such a huge geek for this stuff :XD:!

Anyway, I think Dirk is my secret favorite 'cuz I keep trying not to be like "oh yes, this person is my favorite character" with any of the newly introduced kids/trolls since we don't know as much about them and I'd rather give them a chance to catch up... but Dirk is just way too cool, and I love the way he types :saddummy:!! He's laid back, but he can be funny or serious if the situation calls for it, and he's also really practical and in tune with other people (i.e.: the decision to tell Jake that he and Roxy are from the future but not Jane 'cuz she wouldn't believe him), and he obviously cares a whole bunch about his friends and can do so in a way that is the most beneficial to them =D. I think my favorite thing about him though is that I can always tell where he's coming from. He always makes his intentions clear, so his thoughts are never mysterious and you always know what's going on with him :nod:. The only time I've been surprised by his actions was when he did the whole thing that resulted in his decapitation, but I think we didn't see that coming because he didn't either... he was making it up as he went along, so we literally knew as much about his plan as he did when it was happening :hmm:. Aside from that, you always get his take on the situation... like when he was in the dream bubble as a thought projection of Jake's, and then Jake woke up and he was still there, when Terezi was talking to him I remember he just sort of stated aloud "God my existence is weird" like he's as confused as anybody else about this, and it was just so honest y'know? Hey look, I even found the page [link] :)! I think that's one of my favorite moments with him ^^;. Besides, I think Dirk is also a bit of a dork 'cuz he puts about as much thought into the little things as he does the big things, so sometimes people who don't have the privilege of knowing what's going on in his head like the readers do won't be able to follow his train of thought :O_o:. So yeah, I guess I can relate with him 'cuz I majorly over think things all the time... like how it took me so long to respond to this message 'cuz there were just so many thoughts (sorry 'bout that :worry:)!

I worry about Gamzee... I don't want him to be a villain, but it seems like stuff is hinting at that, and that sucks 'cuz I just want him to be okay :(!! There's another theory on that blog I mentioned though, that does an analysis of his character and gives me hope for him :oops:. It's actually an analysis of the Blood aspect, and it argues that Gamzee is teaching Karkat vital lessons about the opposite of his aspect. Like, Karkat's thing seems to be the formation of pacts and agreements, and his biggest flaw is that he expects others to honor those pacts above all else, in spite of the fact that there are so many characters in this story who are either dishonest, or feel the need to break these pacts for their own reasons :unimpressed:. Gamzee is a character who has broken a lot of unspoken but presumably universally understood rules such as not killing one's friends, and not selling people out to their greatest enemy (presumably Lord English), but because the main reason for any of his actions seems to be his own psychosis, he isn't necessarily a villainous character :shrug:. In fact he is Karkat's moirail, and Karkat legitimately cares about him. Gamzee also may have crossed a line by developing this black relationship with Terezi, and Karkat may eventually have to deal with that as well. If Karkat can learn to overcome the breaking of pacts in an effective way by working out legitimate solutions with Gamzee instead of having everything fall apart around him as it has in the past, it could make him a stronger person overall, and allow him to grow more than if his and Gamzee's relationship was all sunshine and rainbows... so I'm just gonna kind of hope that's really true :nod:!
AnimalIBecame Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Adorable^^ Love Gamzee and Karkat! :D
manga-kat Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012
Heheh, thank you :lol:!
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